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Free 3 Part Video Series:
Ready to Share Your Idea 
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In this 3-part video series, you will learn: 
1) How to Get Crystal Clear On Your Idea Worth Sharing.

2) How to Position Yourself to Stand Out On Your Application. 

3) How to Successfully Apply and Land Your Talk. 

Hey, I’m Taylor Conroy. I’m a 4-time TEDx speaker, meditating surfer, and founder of The Idea Collective. I am obsessed with creating social change and have spoken to over 150,000 people on 4 continents.

The Idea Collective is a culmination of a life-transforming experience I had after my first TEDx talk in 2011. As a result of sharing my powerful message on stage, my peer-to-peer fundraising company, Change Heroes was born. To date Change Heroes has mobilized 15,000 people from 80 countries around the world to fund 500 schools, water projects, libraries and girls scholarships impacting over 200,000 lives.

Since then, I've dedicated my life to helping other purpose driven entrepreneurs, authors, health practitioners and coaches land, deliver and spread their talks to scale their mission in the world. At The Idea Collective, we are on a mission to turn ordinary people with world-changing ideas into thought leaders reaching a global audience. 

This 3-part video series is a culmination of the years of expertise and experience we’ve gained from helping over 200 people share their 
world-changing idea on the TEDx stage. 
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